Olivier Gondry

Etsy “Anthem”

True Religion “Russell Westbrook”

Audi “Construction”

Gillette “Andre”

Canon “Swipe”

Fiat “Les Rideaux”

HP “Eternal Dreamer”

Nissan “Headroom”

Singapore “Tourist”

Joywave “Doubt”

Born in Paris, Olivier Gondry has been working as a commercial and video director for the past three decades. His technically ambitious projects have a startling quality. Geometrically shifting time and mathematics, many of his pieces use time-slice technology, illustrate a passion for stop-motion animation, and interweave cgi visual effects magically.

Olivier began as a visual effects artist, mostly writing proprietary effects software for various projects for his brother, Director Michel Gondry. Then years later, Olivier, now established as a director, went on to explore the world of HP with a campaign featuring his brother, Michel Gondry, as well as Vera Wang and Petra Nemcová.

Some of his latest projects include campaigns for YouTube, Starbucks, Nissan, Canon, Gillette, True Religion featuring Russell Westbrook through aWHITELABELproduct. In music videos, Olivier has worked with Daft Punk, Ok Go, and The Vines.

He is currently in development on a feature film and lives in Paris.

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