Darius Khondji

Prabal Gurung For Target “Love”

Tiffany “The Dream Makers”

Victoria’s Secret “Very Sexy Push Up”

Tiffany “Spring ’11”

Tiffany “Fall ’10”

Born to a film distributor, Darius Khondji was immersed in films from an early age. He is revered as one of the most celebrated cinematographers of contemporary cinema. Perhaps best known for his color-noir effect, Darius uses various techniques to help reflect his passion for the perfect image and to create the mood of the story. He has imposed his unique style in both French and Hollywood films for the past two decades, becoming one of the most envied and in-demand talents.

Khondji has worked with such directors as Jean-Pierre Jeunet, David Fincher, Bernardo Bertolucci, Alan Parker, Roman Polanski, Sydney Pollack, Woody Allen, Wong Kar Wai, Michael Haneke and, most recently, James Gray on Nightengale. Along with numerous nominations throughout his career, in 1996 Khondji won the CFCA Award for Best Cinematographer for the film Se7en.

Another notable and frequent collaborator of Khondji is artist Philippe Parreno (best known for work with curators, philosophers and fellow artists such s Douglas Gordon). Their latest joint effort is Marilyn, featuring an all-black garden and a robotic Marilyn Monroe. The film debuted at the Fondation Beyeler in Basel in June 2012

In addition to his cinematography work, Khondji is also a director and photographer. His recent projects include helming commercials for Tiffany, Victoria's Secret, Calvin Klein, among many others. He has also advertising campaigns for Hermes as well as editorial spreads for Vogue Hommes.

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