Matthew Donaldson

Gucci “The Performers”

Loewe “Masters of Leather”

Nowness “Sooyeon Lee”

Smythson “Paint”

Target “Bake Sale”

Samsung “Metamorphosis”

Nowness “Hair”

Movement “Stephen Jones Millinery & Jasmin Vardimon”

Nowness “In Residence: Ray Kappe”

Nowness “Getting There: Ed Ruscha”

Matthew Donaldson’s immaculate, technically ambitious images have a startling quality—pictures of handbags swinging amid suspended paint splashes read as exclamations. In May of 2015, he completed a film featuring the choreography of Jasmin Vardimon in a Ford-sponsored film for MOVEment, an electronic music festival in Detroit.

He’s a frequent contributor to Nowness and has an ongoing collaboration as the Director for “Getting There”, a short documentary film series featuring Ed Ruscha, Yohji Yamamoto, Pascal Dangin, and Fernando Romero. He also is the Director for an In-Residence series featuring Barnaba Fornasetti, Jean Pagozzi, Ray Kappe, and Daniel Libeskind.

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