Matthew Vaughn

Nike Football “Awaken the Phantom”

Jaguar “How Alive Are You”

Kingsman The Golden Circle “Trailer”

X-Men First Class “Trailer”

Kingsman The Secret Service “Trailer”

Kick Ass “Trailer”

Layer Cake “Trailer”

Stardust “Trailer”

Prolific English film director, producer and screenwriter Matthew Vaughn is best known for directing spy comedy “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” crime thriller “Layer Cake,” the fantasy epic “Stardust,” the superhero comedy “Kick-Ass,” and the superhero film “X-Men: First Class.” Vaughn has produced films such as “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels,” “Snatch,” as well as football feature “Mean Machine” and “Kick-Ass 2,” Vaughn’s latest feature, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” starring Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Julianne Moore, Channing Tatum and Halle Berry, will be in cinemas later this year.

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