Paul Middleditch

Cox Communications “Epic Battle”

UBANK “Dollhouse”

Spring Lamb “Lamb Side Story”

Amazon “Lipstick”

Spring Lamb “You Never Lamb Alone”

Reflex “Printer Guru”

Carton Draught “Slow Motion”

Nando's “Online Dating”

Paul Middleditch is regarded as one of the top performance TV Commercial Directors in the world. Paul is Australia’s most awarded commercials Director, over 300, with 8 Cannes Lions 4 of which are gold, and numerous international and nation awards to his credit.

Having directed commercials for Carlton Draught, Budweiser, Pepsi, Optus and New Zealand Lotteries to name a few, Paul’s madcap humor and full-on energy have made him far and away one of the most successful commercial directors to come out of Australia and New Zealand. Paul works internationally between Australasia, the US, the UK, Europe and Asia.

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